Drug and Alcohol Detox in Naples, FL

There are those who can enjoy drugs and alcohol now and then, perhaps a few times a year, without getting hooked. For many who use drugs and alcohol, it's hardly even about enjoyment anymore, but need. When alcohol and drug use is not about want, not about having fun with some friends now and then, but about need, about craving, that's when it's become a serious problem.

The need for drugs and alcohol slowly but surely robs individuals of their self, their free will. When all they can focus on is the next hit, the next drink, the next bump, friends, family, work and all other pursuits fall by the wayside. Talented artists have lost their edge to drug abuse, successful business people have lost their fortunes to alcoholism.

Our alcohol and drug addiction treatment program aims to help people take control of their lives again. Before we can help, an addict needs to admit that they have a problem. Help cannot be forced on anyone.

Drugs and alcohol are especially easy to get addicted to in Naples, FL. Florida is one of the capital states for a number of substances including crystal meth and cocaine. Many use drug and alcohol as a cure for boredom, especially in rural areas, and when it's this readily available, it's hard for someone who's hooked to avoid temptation. Admitting that you need help is the first step, followed shortly by getting away from the ever-flowing stream of drugs and alcohol that runs through the state.

Once somebody is ready to admit that they have a problem, we're here to help those calling from Naples, FL. We have people waiting by the phone 24 hours a day, every day of the week, 365 days a year at (239) 384-6959. That includes holidays. Addiction doesn't take Christmas off and neither do we. Whenever you're ready to reach your hand out and ask for help, we'll be there to take it.

Let's be blunt. Getting off of drugs and alcohol takes a lot of work, and a lot of help. For that reason, we offer all the services a person needs to get off of their addiction. Here's what you can find in our treatment center.

  • Full medical detox program
  • Dual diagnoses
  • Inpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation program
  • Support groups
  • Educational groups
  • Transitional living education and treatment program

For those suffering with alcoholism, detoxification is going to be an important part of breaking the habit. Drugs and alcohol are absorbed into the brain in two different ways, and they involve two different detox processes. The intensive detoxification process for alcohol demands the care of nurses and staff who will help patients get through the toughest parts of withdrawal, helping not only with the physical and medical challenges of detox, but the emotional challenges, as well.


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