Dual Diagnoses in Naples, FL

Addiction doesn't come out of nowhere. There's a reason that terms like "self-medication" exist. It's not uncommon at all for addictions to occur side by side with psychiatric illness. Bipolar disorder and clinical depression are both major contributors to chemical addiction.

It's important to treat not just the addiction, but the illness, as well. Of course, one way of looking at it is to insist that the mental illness doesn't force anyone to pick up a pipe or a bottle, but the truth is that some sort of emotional void or imbalance is typically what motivates drug addiction in the first place, and it makes no sense to treat drug addiction while ignoring the underlying problem that led the addict to the drug or alcohol in the first place.

The American Medical Association reported that 37% of alcoholics and 53% of drug addicts suffer at least one co-occurring psychiatric illness in addition to drug or alcohol addiction, with roughly a third of all mentally ill people being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The connection is pretty obvious, as much as some would like to pretend otherwise. Drugs and alcohol can even mimic and mask symptoms of these illnesses, and telling where one problem begins and the other ends can be impossible, which is why treating both is so important. Those who are left clean, but depressed or otherwise unstable, are many times more likely to go right back to the comfort of alcohol and drugs.

There are a lot of complexities to treating someone with a dual diagnosis, but it is absolutely necessary, which is why we only hire experienced professionals who specialize in this area. If your drug or alcohol problem might be linked with another disorder, we urge you to call us any time of day, any day of the year, as soon as possible at (239) 384-6959.

We're prepared to help you through your addiction to drugs or alcohol, find proper treatment for any other disorders you may be suffering, and get control of your life back through our integrated treatment programs.

The detox process is absolutely vital for those with co-occurring disorders, and we offer a medically supervised detoxification process in order to prevent the risk of trauma from occurring. We also assign a team of professionals to help you through the addiction and psychiatric disorder alike. Treatment for both can begin immediately and help and relief can be in arm's reach for those willing to extend a hand and ask for it.


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