Pain Management in Naples, FL

Where cocaine addiction may begin as a social habit and heroin a self-medication for depression, opiate addiction typically begins with a real need for pain relief. People who suffer serious injuries in sports, at work, in an auto accident are then just as much at risk for addiction as those who simply like to party.

The need for pain relief is real, and it's still real even in the throes of addiction. The problem is with tolerance. Over time, the body develops a resistance to the pills, and more and more is needed, not to get cheap kicks or even for emotional need at this point, but simply to manage the pain.

The motivation that sparks an opiate dependency is different than the motivation behind a cocaine or meth addiction, but the end result is the same: the drug controls your every waking moment and may eventually destroy your life.

The drugs being legal only makes them easier to obtain. Your doctor may even have prescribed you exactly what's draining you emotionally, psychologically and physically. This means that identifying the problem can be trickier. Someone who is getting drunk every day clearly has a problem, but finding the line between controlling your use of pain pills and letting it control you is much harder. If you're in Naples, FL and feel that you may have a problem, call us from Naples, FL at (239) 384-6959 immediately.

Quitting cold turkey is dangerous, and even gradual withdrawal symptoms can cause serious problems, physically speaking. Those hooked on pain pills are some of the most at risk and most in need of a thorough detoxification process. Patients often need the help of therapists to help them through both the emotional and physical pain involved in getting off of opiates.

The pain that first began the addiction to opiates may still be there, so the first challenge is the treatment of the pain itself using holistic therapy. In other cases, the pain may have left the body, leaving behind the opiate dependency. Patients in the throes of opiate dependency will need to know how to control the pain without relying on drugs to do the job.

At our treatment center, we specialize in pain treatments that do not rely on narcotics. These are taught to the patient after completion of the detox process, and may include the following.

  • Psychotherapy to overcome pain
  • Physical exercise
  • Proper nutrition for recovery
  • EMDR therapies
  • Acupuncture treatment

There's no real stereotype for the average pain pill addict, as it can happen to literally anybody from any walk of life. Even though it begins with a legitimate physical need, dependency is incredibly common, and we work very closely with our patients to help them find pain relief systems that work for them without the use of narcotics. Controlling the pain is the path to controlling your life.

For those in Naples, FL dealing with pain pill addiction, please call us as soon as possible at (239) 384-6959, any time of day, any day of the year.

Throughout the program, you will be armed with a sense of self confidence, learning responsibility and respect for self, body and mind. By starting on a firm foundation of self-reliance, success in overcoming opiate addiction is made that much easier.


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